If you follow the link below, you will be taken to the WineFolly.com site where Madaline Puckette does a blind tasting of Pinot Noirs from Burgundy and Oregon. I think this is an excellent representation of both how to taste wine and a fun way to organize tastings – compare the same variety from different regions or nations. Below the video on the site is a lot of good information as well.

Here is the link:


I agree with Madaline about the 2015 Burgundies – living here in Lyon, I have been able to taste a few and they are stunning wines. And, being in France, I have access to some secondary labels from great producers which are not available in the US. As I have noted before, the French do not like to pay a lot for wine, which for most of them is an everyday part of life. French wine producers know this and price their wines accordingly for the most part. As an example, recently I drank a very nice white Burgundy from Mercurey which cost me just 11 euros.

I know I have not been blogging much lately – my focus has been on learning French and we have been drinking some everyday wines – which I will blog about soon. It is spring here, and the new crop of rosé wines will be on the shelves soon.

Look for a few posts on these over the next months.

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  1. Jim: It’s interesting that in the Wine Folly tasting that you referenced, the Drouhin Pinot from Oregon was only $40 compared with the Drouhin Gevrey from Burgundy at $55. Both were AVA-level labels, the Oregon from Dundee Hills and the Burgundy from Gevrey-Chambertin. Yet you note that everyday wines are generally cheaper in France than in the US. Why do you think the French wine in the tasting was higher $$$$?


    1. Hi Bill,

      The Gevrey-Chambertin retails for about 36 euros here in Lyon, which is the same price point as the Oregon wine, listed as $40. You can get Gevreys in Lyon for as low as 30 euros. All will be more expensive in the US – not just because of shipping, but because Burgundy can command higher prices there.
      By the way, I’ve been drinking a 2017 Drouhin Montagny blanc which is superb. It retails from 16 to 24 euros here (I paid 16), and if it’s available in the US, it should be a very good buy.

      All the best,


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