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The Wine Stalker (LINK) is a wine blog by Joey Casco, CSW, who writes some interesting and knowledgeable stuff. He recently did two posts on “Wine Formulas” – how wineries get their wines to present the way they want them to. The techniques range from blending different varietals in larger quantities than you might think, to adding a variety of additives to the wine during the wine making process, to using procedures to add oxygen or color.

The posts are very fair and objective – giving wine lovers access to information that is otherwise hard to come by, given the lack of wine labeling regulations.

I found it very interesting to see how some of my favorite wines are manipulated to get to that certain place where the scores, and therefore the sales, will peak.

Here are the links to parts one and two of this series.

The Magic Potions & Formulas of Wine – Part 1: Mass Appeal & Cover-ups (LINK)

The Magic Potions & Formulas of Wine – Part 2: Mega Purple and Enologix (LINK)