There are any number of aspects of wine enjoyment that can get confusing. The number of varietals, the thousands of producers in hundreds of regions, the right temperature and stemware to use, just to name a few. But one area that seems to stump just about everyone at one time or another is traveling with wine, especially internationally.

The article at the link is from the blog site. Lazenne is a manufacturer of wine travel gear, everything from padded sleeves to keep your wine from breaking open in your suitcase to, well, wine suitcases. Here is the link to their retail site: (LINK).


Here are a few highlights:

“You’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are no TSA-regulated quantity limits for wine or alcohol in your checked (hold) baggage as long as it contains less than 24% alcohol. Those wanting to add a little spirits to the mix need to know that alcohol that contains over 24% alcohol is limited to 170 oz or 5 litres per person. Beverages that contain more than 70% alcohol are prohibited.

Individual airline baggage weight limits still apply, but you can use up your entire weight allotment for wine or alcohol if you choose as long as the above mentioned rules are respected. One bottle of wine weighs on average 3 lbs or 1.4 kg so you can do the math. Typical international baggage weight limits are 50 lbs or 23 kg.”

And when you get to U.S. Customs:

“In the United States there are no limits to how much alcohol you can bring as long as it is intended for personal consumption and not resale. Many mistake the duty-free limit of 34 oz or 1 liter as the total limit. If you are over the duty-free limit, you simply have to declare the alcohol you are transporting on your customs form and pay the appropriate duty to the customs officer, typically around $1 to $2 for wine and beer, while the amount for spirits is slightly higher and varies by type, as of publication. From our experience however, more typically than not, you will be waived through without paying any duty due to the amount being so negligible.”

There is more there, so check it out if you are thinking about traveling with wine soon.

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