As I have noted before, Dorianne and I will soon be leaving for an extended period in Europe – mostly Spain and France, with some side trips to Portugal and/or Morocco on this leg, then back to the US for a bit to see our daughter graduate from Boston University, then back over to Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium (maybe) and Denmark. Here is a link to a NYTimes.com article about a couple who have retired and are using Airbnb.com – which we will be doing for most of our stays. Our trip will be more focused on wine, of course!

NYTimes Article  2013-05-21 11.49.03


  1. Dear Jim, i’m Rita, from Lisbon, and like you was absolutely inspired by the story in New York Times. As a passionate traveler i couldn’t empathize more with the nomad way of life 🙂 In the meanwhile, i also love to share my wonderful birthcity, so with a friend we remodeled an apartment we absolutely fell in love with, inspired by the Tagus river, right in Alfama, the oldest quarter in historic Lisbon. If you decide to visit Lisbon on your journey, we would be more than happy to have you as guests!

    And lisbon has so much to discover. There’s the light, a river that feels like the sea, the history and poetry, the amazing weather even in February, the best codfish you’ll ever taste and the precious custard cake! And well, as a wine lover you must know portuguese wines…
    Take a look here…https://www.airbnb.pt/rooms/1549906. Warm regards from Lisbon!


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